Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...SHEAU BOAT Collection...

Alligator hair clips

Simple Ribbon Clip $2 each
Sheau Bows 5

Flower/Button/Bottle Cap/Lady Bug Clip $4.50 each
Sheau Bows 9

Sheau Bows 10

Sheau Bows 11

Sheau Bows 12

Chiffon flower clip $7 each
Sheau Bows 7

Free shipping and handling if you buy over $15 worth of hair clips from Sheau Boat collection!
(Ship by USPS First-class parcel. Other shipping methods available upon request.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

EMMA JO collection

Hair accessories
100% proceeds go to Baby Rhodesbud (shipping included in cost)

plain ribbon clips (available but not shown) $2
ribbon clips with flowers/hearts $3 each or $5 for set of 2
large flower on alligator clip $5
large flower headband $8
small flower alligator clip $3
small flower headband $6
(Large flowers are about 4 3/4 inch across while small flowers are 2 1/2 inches across.)
*Small flowers available in pink, purple, brown, red or green.

Accessories on baretts or alligator clips:

Fabric flowers (available on headbands or alligator clips):

Roses available in white or red:

Pink Daisies:

Green Daisy:

White Daisy:

Purple Daisy:

Red Daisy:

Yellow Daisy:

*Flowers or embellishments have the option of being mounted on an alligator clip, a soft full headband or a stiff half headband.
(flowers also available with colored center or rhinestone)
-Stiff headbands available in black only
-Full headbands available in white, cream, khaki, black or dark brown

Example of flower on soft headband:

Example of fabric flower on stiff headband: (adorable little girl not included)

Monday, February 2, 2009

...ABBY JEAN collection...

Set of 5 for $12.00
Sturdy, made of wood--and with a good strong magnet!

All of the magnets shown here are available now. (Like, right this very minute!)




love magnetsfeb

Hippie Happie

<span class=
Red Fleuries

<span class=
Red Provence

<span class=
Green w/ Berries

<span class=
Heartsy Artsy

<span class=
Go Mostly Green

<span class=
Orange Medallion

new monkeymagnetsfeb
Sock Monkeys

<span class=
Blue Provence